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"Outsourcing Your Cabling"

At Servo Cabling Services, we are experts in the provision of network cabling installation projects and associated products and services. With our many years experience and vast supplier contacts across all the major cabling vendors it allows us to mix experience with low prices—yet never compromising on quality.

We would like to offer our services as an “out sourced” cabling department working under your company banner for any cabling opportunities that require attention. There is great potential for companies to offer cabling to existing clients without the costs of a new department - we are a perfect solution.




Out sourcing your cabling requirements has many benefits without the aggravations and additional costs of running your own cabling department. Being able to offer your existing or new clients all types of cabling elements boosts the opportunities for associated services; keeps your client happy; and keeps business from your competitors.

It can often be a deciding factor for a customer to choose the company that offers the “complete solution” for all the services they require. This establishes a single point of contact to manage the project and deliver a complete personal service.

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